Months ago, at the start of this investigation, had someone questioned me on mental health or stigma, I likely would have had very little substantial knowledge to answer with. For me, this is exactly what following my topic has done: broadened the scope of my mind, extending my Articles from writers of various backgrounds I have explored, gathering bits of knowledge as I progressed further into the depths of the issue, searching ultimately for the root and the reason. At the closing of my final post, I’ve arrived at the conscientious decision to be more mindful of the media I consume, being that I’m now well-aware of both the presence of stigma and of bias. This means that, going forward, I shall not treat any writings with a double-standard; bias manifests in both the words of those you detest and support. I encourage others to recognize the same in themselves, regardless of topic. Another aspect of this journey to acknowledge is the absence of linear paths in life; my topic took some large, unexpected turns over the course of my blogging, as it did transition completely to mental health stigma from social media use. I predict that this issue will remain relevant for years to come, with our society constantly working harder to better psychological well-being, whether you live in Canada or South Sudan. And it isn’t only those directly impacted—we’re all in this fight together, and together we will triumph.